Best Auto Repair Shops in Phoenix

Mark Salem
For my personal guarantee, please read note below.
-Mark Salem

This list is populated by the "Best Shops" in and around Phoenix. Each of these shops knows the difference between right and wrong and knows how to properly diagnose, bid and repair your car.

Do these shops pay me to be on my list? YES they all pay $1500 annually. I accept no outside advertising nor do I charge the public to view this site.

That $1500 a shop is all the income we get and maybe 75% of that fee is spent adding to, updating and correcting current information and pictures on this site.

Is paying the annual fee the only criteria to be on your list? No amount of money will get you a spot on this site or list, unless you pass Mark’s review of you, your shop and your history of Customer Service. We turn down 9 of 10 that apply. Some are declined because they are too close to any existing member. There are plenty of good shops that are not on this list.

My reward = $1500.00 annually for each shop.

My risk = $5,000.00 cap for each BBB complaint IF I have to pony up money based on the next paragraph.

Oh I know what you’re thinking, what school of business did Mark attend? But since 1988, I’ve NEVER had a BBB complaint on any of MY SHOPS go to arbitration. 100% of complaints have been handled to the satisfaction of the BBB or to the Complainant’s satisfaction OR both.

So in an effort to place you in a complete comfort zone, I promise:

If you have a problem with one of my "Best Shops" AND the BBB agrees with your version of the issue AND the shop refuses to abide by the BBB decision, I will personally carry out the directives of the BBB including repairing your car and/or issuing a refund up to $5,000 (My exposure is limited to $5,000.00).

In order to qualify for this guarantee, the shop you choose, MUST be on my Best Car Repair Shops list at the time and day of your repair. Although my list does not change often, in rare instances it is necessary for me to remove a shop from my list. Please check my list for your shop often.

NO OTHER automobile association or group makes that promise OR takes that responsibility OR promises you will be made whole and happy if the BBB commands it.

So why would I step out on limb like this? Because over the years all my "Best Shops" have handled all their own complaints to our mutual Customer's satisfaction. Even though I was always willing to financially participate in a dispute, I never had to. So why not come out and tell you, you have nothing to fear, if your complaint is valid and the repair shop refuses to comply with the directive of the BBB, I will!

You cannot and will not find a better repair shop than the ones on this list.Let me be as clear as I can, no amount of money is going to get a bad shop on my list. If they ARE NOT in the top 10% of our auto repair industry, (based on our thorough investigation of their past record) they WILL NOT appear on this list. That's why it is called The Best Car Repair Shops in Phx.

Folks trust me to guide them through their car repairs and I don't take that responsibility lightly. I've been giving car repair advice on local radio and TV since November of 1987 and you have my word, I will ONLY send you to a shop that has YOUR best interests in front of their own, just like I do. I cannot fix all the cars many folks want me to fix and because of that, you've heard me say thousands of times, "You are going to drive by 5 other shops on your way to south Tempe, please let me guide you to a GREAT shop closer to you.".

Mark Salem

The following AZ auto repair shops ARE NOT on our Best Car Repair shops list in spite of what they say on their web sites or other related web sites.

  • Koppy's Body Shop

They say they are members, but they are not.

They say they are endorsed by Mark Salem, they are not.

Should you choose to use them, you do so at your own risk and Mark Salem will not participate in any dispute resolution proceedings as he would, IF they were on our Best Car Repair Shops list.

Want to nominate a shop? Click Here

You will need the help of the shop you want to nominate. Please do your best to fill in ALL of the information requested. ALL shops must have been in business, under the same ownership for five years or more to be considered for a place on our “Best” list.

Questions: Contact Us

Mark Salem has done Car Care radio and TV since 1988. In the Phoenix metro area he has been a part of TV3, TV12, and KTAR. He also had a radio talk show on KNST in Tuscon, and was "The NASCAR Consumer Crew Chief" for three years.

Mark has recently moved his radio show to KKNT.

The number #1 question, of all time, asked by callers & viewers is:

"Where can I find a good auto repair shop?"

In 1996 we asked radio callers to nominate any outstanding auto repair shop to us and we would publish the list after we thoroughly checked out each and every nomination.

We only approved less than half of the nominations and since then, some shops have been sold, some went out of business, some simply retired. What we have now is a list that has stood the test of time over the last 8 years.

We will add shops as we see fit, but we really believe that this list of shops represents the "Best of the Best" Arizona has to offer.


The industry that certifies technicians that work within the auto repair industry is The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and they administer a series of tests that automobile repair technicians can take to see how they match up against industry standards. There are eight test categories and if a technician takes and passes all eight tests, they are designated a Master Technician.

I believe that all technicians should be measured against industry standards. All 11 technicians in my shop are certified in at least one category and 10 of the 11 are Master Technicians. I believe consumers who patronize facilities who employ ASE certified technicians will be better served in the long run.

ASE also created a Blue Seal of Excellence Shop list. It is my opinion that Blue Seal Shops located all over the USA, are in the top 10% of all auto repair shops nationwide. So if a repair shop has a A+ rating at the BBB and it is an ASE Blue Seal Shop, then it is one you can trust. My auto repair shop, Salem Boys Auto is a Blue Seal Shop and has an A+ rating at the BBB, so I also walk the walk.


An additional check would be to see if the firm is a member of the Better Business Bureau. In Phoenix, the BBB can be reached at 602-264-1721. Or you can click on the BBB logo above to check a repair shop's grade in AZ. Because NOW the BBB is rating repair shops and giving them a grade. My repair shop has an A+ so you know I hold my staff to the same standards as I hold the "BEST" auto repair shops to.

AAA approved repair shops have pledged that they will arbitrate all of their customer disputes. However, if you are not a AAA member, many of the benefits of doing business at a AAA Approved garage may not be available to you. And watch out for the AAA tow trucks, they have been accused of trying to redirect your broken down car to a shop who is paying them to do that. That is not in your best interest. Make the tow truck take YOUR car where you want it to go, not where the driver is paid under the table to tow you.

Both ASE and the BBB provide a way to settle disputes and resolve issues in a prompt and fair manner.

In addition to the suggestions made above, there are a few things you can do to significantly increase the positive opportunities for you to get good, honest, prompt service from a repair shop.

  1. Always pay with a credit card. That makes it possible for you to refuse to pay a disputed bill until it has been resolved.
  2. Ask for your old parts back. If trouble develops, you can always ask for your old parts to be reinstalled and seek a credit on your bill.
  3. Take the time to check on the facility BEFORE you take your car there and spend money to have it repaired.

I don’t think it’s ever too late to make an unhappy customer happy. If my shop had a disputed complaint, I would negotiate with my customer until we could come to an agreement so the complaint could just be "closed" as opposed to being closed "disputed".

Last, the bad news . . . for some shops that is. Over the last few years, I have removed shops from my list for new ownership, a new name, for totally new management and for treating their customers poorly. I don’t remove a shop for one bad letter, yet after I get a few, the flag is raised and after more than "a few" complaint letters, the ax falls. The good news is that I’ve only removed one shop for poor customer service. I think that says a lot about the quality of the shops on the lists I compile. I’m proud to present this list to you, feel free to let me know what you think.

If you don’t already have a good, honest auto repair shop, I hope the information in this area will help you find a repair facility that you can trust and develop a relationship with. But please, let me know how you were treated.

Drive safely and don’t forget to buckle up!

KKNT does not endorse or vouch for any of the facilities on either list. These are simply facilities where our radio or TV viewers and listeners told us they had a good experience and trusted the folks who repaired their car.

(If you have to know, I HAD to add this.)