What can I do and say to make
sure I'm treated fairly
when I get my car fixed?

The responsibility for finding and properly fixing your car, rests on the technician's shoulders who is servicing your car. Otherwise it is his or her responsibility to find and properly fix your stated symptom, but no matter who does the work remember the following:

1. Replace parts based on symptoms or the added expense if neglected, not based on your odometer.

2. Make sure you ask the technician or service writer, "what symptoms are you going to correct by your suggested repair?".

3. Make sure the symptoms that are described match the ones you have.

Make your shop tow the line. Ask for your old parts back, because if the new parts didn't fix the problem, you can ask that your old parts be reinstalled and your bill be credited. If your old parts went into the trash, that option is gone.

Pay with a credit card. You are better protected if a dispute arises. Make sure your repair invoice lists all the parts by part number and description as well as each of the labor operations you were billed for. Don’t let them write 1- Rebuilt engine - $1,2050.36, Misc. parts $325.00, Labor to replace engine - $600.00. And not log the vehicles full description and mileage. And get the warranty in writing.

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