How can I tell if the technician
knows what he's doing?

No matter who you decide to use, make sure they employ ASE certified technicians who are certified in the area your car needs the repair in. ASE, or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, is a series of tests that automobile repair technicians can take to see how well they match up against industry standards.

The testing categories include: general auto repair, machine shop services, heavy truck, and paint and body. If a technician were to take and pass all eight tests in general auto repair, he would be called a Master Tech or Master Technician. Only one out of five ASE certified technicians reach the master level.

I, along with many in our industry, believe if auto technicians are ever licensed, this will be the way it will be done. I firmly believe every tech should be measured against the industry standard. All 12 technicians in my shop are ASE certified Master Technicians, myself included. I believe consumers who patronize facilities who employ ASE certified technicians will be better served in the long run.

I too, am a ASE Master Technician with an advanced emissions and performance rating which is called an L-1 rating. 

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