What can I do to get better fuel economy?

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Review the following list and see what you have done and still need to do:

1. Take the junk (old papers, tool boxes, golf clubs, snow chains) out of your trunk.

2. Air up your tires to 35 psi.

3. Use a 5/20 or a 5/30 or 10/30 engine oil.

4. Install fresh spark plugs.

5. Remove anything on the exterior of your car that you don’t need that catches the wind like a storage box mounted on the roof of your station wagon.

6. Keep your windows up.

7. Use your cruise control every chance you get.

8. If your car is a 1981 or newer, don’t warm up your engine longer than 1 minute before you drive away slowly. A pre 80 car can be warmed up 2-3 minutes.

9. Keep your air filter clean.

10. Anticipate the traffic ahead, try and coast as much as you can. Make it a game trying not to hit the brakes as you drive to work.

11. Drive as if there was an egg between your foot and the throttle.

12. Use the cheapest gasoline you can find, but always buy from a busy gas station.

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