Pinging problems

There are seven (or more) reasons an engine will ping. The trick is to find which one is making your car ping.

A bad EGR valve, plugged passageways or a bad vacuum or electrical signal to open the EGR.

A lean condition created by a vacuum leak, a weak fuel pump, a bad fuel pressure regulator, plugged injectors or a sensor that can control fuel delivery that is lying about what it sees and creating the lean condition, like a bad 02 sensor or a bad coolant sensor.

Carbon build up created by oil consumption or low speed, short trips, granny style drivin’.

Timing not adjusted properly, too advanced.

Poor quality gas. This is an easy one for the driver to determine.

The engine is running on the edge of overheating. This one is also easy for the driver to see, because it will take a long time for the ping to develop.

The knock sensor is bad or disconnected. This will normally turn on the check engine light as well.

So I can't tell you which one is causing your problem, someone has to go in and check each one of the above listed areas.

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