How will I know when I need
shocks & struts?

Shocks or struts are bad for any one of three reasons.  They are bad and need to be replaced when they are:

1.     leaking oil or

2.     broken or

3.    there are symptoms that are directly attributable to the deterioration of the shock or strut.

Otherwise, replace them when your ride quality or tire wear indicates service is needed. Again, look for parts with a lifetime warranty. Changing the shocks or struts on a car is normally only done once every 60,000 miles. This is an area of repair where you will see a lot of good deals available.

However, this is also an area of repair that is very profitable, so watch out. This is a repair that's easy to sell and once the old shocks are thrown away, there is no way to determine if the car really needed them or not. It is also the easiest area for you to bid this type of repair over the phone and where you can bid apples to apples.

Monroe is the shock we sell the most of. They provide us with a lifetime warranty and they take good care of us if we need any assistance.

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