I have a suspension clunk or noise.

With a suspension clunk or noise, you have 3 choices.  You can wait till it gets worse and easier to find OR spray the specific areas of the front suspension with water and see if you can change the noise by wetting a specific area OR start tearing things apart until you find the problem.

Independent transmission shops are typically very good in tracking down noise, clunks and vibrations.  Don’t be afraid to stop by a local tranny shop and ask them to test drive your car and see if they want a shot at fixing it.   Generally, this type of short stop and test drive will cost you nothing.

Bad sway bar bushings, bad shocks or shock mounts, bad upper strut mounts, collapsed motor mounts causing the exhaust system to hit something, bad rack bushings (if the noise is only present when turning the steering wheel) and loose brake backing plates are often the major causes of clunks and noises.

When describing the noise be prepared to answer these questions:

When is the noise or clunk worse, cold or hot?

Does it make the noise ONLY when the car is moving?

Will it make the noise when the engine is running and the car is stopped?

If so, what do you have to do to get the noise or clunk to occur?

Does turning the steering wheel change the noise?

Does A/C use change the noise?

What work has been done recently, was the noise present before then?

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