Nitrogen in my tires, a good idea?

Open your hand, palm up.

The air sitting on top of the palm of your hand is now is 79.8% nitrogen.

Most nitrogen creating machines can only make something that is 95% pure nitrogen.

So we start with that, 95% pure.

We let all the pressurized air out of your tire. They are now flat, but there is no way to purge all the air from your deflated tires so you will lose 5% of the 95% almost pure nitrogen when we air up your flat tires with nitrogen.

So how much did it cost you to change the nitrogen in your tires from 80% pure nitrogen to 90% pure nitrogen?

The market is $45-99 to fill four tires with nitrogen.

I say that is BS and you are doing nothing but putting your money in their pocket. Your car is not from NASCAR, your car will never weigh 30 tons and land at 200 mph like a jet.

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