Should I buy a Hybrid?

I am not a fan of hybrids because they are not like they are advertised and you will never lose as much money, as you will with a hybrid. Technology is running so fast. Like when you bought Windows 1.1 and 6 months later, 1.3 comes out and what you have is history. Window 8 comes out and soon, there is no support (parts) for your Windows 1.1 car.

IF you have to have a hybrid, negotiate the best 2 or 3 yr lease you can. Take all of the fees and payments, divide that by the lease years (2 or 3 yrs) and figure out what your cost per month is. ($2,500 down + ($300x36mo=$10,800) /36 mo = $369 per month) Using that same data you or your accountant can determine your effective interest rate, which I am told could be (on a leased car) between 12-21%.

Make sure to give the car back at the end of the lease so you don't get caught with a car that is, technology wise, 25 yrs old and worth less day by day.

Last, parts for many of these cars are unbelievably expensive, electronic power steering rack that cost $1300 instead of $300.

Do these cars do OK in Phx, yes they do. They are terribly underpowered and no one gets the mpgs they promise and you won't either, IF you carry 4 other adults and golf clubs.

Most are VERY disappointed with the huge difference between the car you ended up with . . . and the car you THOUGHT you were buying.

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