What kind of Customers
do shops
NOT want?

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Just give them the symptoms, never tell the shop how to fix your car. You see if they fix what your uncle Ben from Texas said it was, and it turns out that did not fix the problem, you have no recourse. You will still be expected to pay the bill.

Leave your well meaning boyfriend or co-worker home or have them take your car in by themselves. No shop wants to deal with your whole family or a co-worker who used to be a mechanic. It’s perfectly OK to involve them in your decision making process, but they should not have any contact with the shop. The shop only wants one customer and we hate being involved in the middle of family disputes. Nothing is worse than having the college student give us the OK and the very mad Dad call us and want us to review the entire repair again. The simple answer is to have Dad be the customer from the start and the college student just drop the car off and drop out of the estimate loop.

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