Dealing with road salt

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Wash, rinse, wash rinse, wash rinse. Then take the hose and rinse off the underside lip of each fender well. That means you bent the hose and point it at yourself above the fender lip from front to back of each wheel opening. Use gloves to help clean and rinse that area good.

Having the wheel wells undercoated is also a good idea. I tell folks to wash and scrub the wheel wells real good, then after everything is dry, take the car in to their favorite shop for a tire rotation. Ask the shop if when they have the tires off, would they cover the brake assemblies with the old newspapers you left on the passenger side floor board, then spray a full can of rubberized undercoating all over the inside of each of the four wheel wells. Each can should cost under $10, the tire rotation should cost under $30 and the labor shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes. Total price of a decent job, $100 to $250.

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