How should I properly store my car
if I’m going away for awhile?

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First, take your car on a long drive and warm it up good. Then go someplace and have the oil and filter changed. Have them air all your tires at 35 psi, top off all your fluids, then go fill up the fuel tank with premium fuel. Stop by a lawn mower shop on the way home and buy enough fuel stabilizer to treat the fuel in your tank.

Take it home, park the car in the garage, roll up the windows tight, lock the car, disconnect the battery and DON’T HAVE ANYONE TOUCH THE CAR, START THE CAR, DRIVE THE CAR until you come home and this is valid for up to five years.

If your Uncle Henry insists I’m wrong and he should be allowed to go over to your house, start and run your car for awhile to "lube it up" then ask him to take it for a long spin. Unless the car is driven at highway speeds at 50 mph or more, you will add water to the oil. And oil and water equal sludge. So as the engine cools off, moisture inside the engine condenses to water and falls into the oil. Unless you get the oil temperature over 212 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes or so, you will add more water to the oil when the engine is shut off and cools down. If the engine oil gets over 212, then the water is boiled out of the oil. That won’t happen if you run or drive the car for 10 minutes.

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